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So, what’s it about?

Transition window
Society seems to have entered its chaos point. Ervin Laszlo wrote a book on this ‘The Chaos Point’. We have entered a ‘decision window’: in this episode we can work to make the quantum leap upwards, or leave it and make the quantum leap downwards. And maybe this is a choice everybody can make for it self. As the quantum physics mention the possibility of endless universes, so your universe can be a different one than which unfolds for another. Depending on individual actions, therefore it might be very important to get clear for you self what ‘doing good’ is about. Doing good might be your best way to create a positive future for you and your dear ones. (Dynamics how this work are also pointed out in the books like ‘The Secret’ – though doing good does not seem to be the primary motivation in most of the examples in that book). 

Bakens of transition
The seven value essences have been synthesized as guidance for system redesign (see picture at the top of this page) and potential personal guidance. In the center you’ll find ‘goodness’. The radials form values which can be implemented in organization structures, or can be used to qualify your own behavior. For example via this way analysis proofed out that the nowadays money system (which creates debt for each new coin created) is not good and should be phased out, if we want to make it towards another realm.

I. Economic realm
Economy in essence stand for ‘housekeeping model’. What about a model that ruins the house, can that be an economy (which ‘the economy’ seems to do right now)? Therefore within the transitieportaal (transition portal) lexicon a new word has been created ‘iconomy’ to denote the house ruining factors or model. And ‘flowconomy’ and later ‘zinconomy’ for the economic model which respects the house (earth, humans and all other beings). Only in such we can detach from a house ruining course… using words in a pure sense. Or create new words if we cannot express good otherwise.

Primary ‘bugs’ seem to be a money system with some viruses in it: Inflation and debt (needs to grow, the house cannot grow) and speculation. And we seem to be possessed by possession. ‘Bugs’ as ‘faults’ in a software system which can be fixed.

Retirement facilities are being facilitated by the earlier mentioned ‘social workflow’, in such retirement funds can collapse without fundamental human impact. This sounds cynical, but a hypothesis is that these retirements funds will collapse anyways because they are bound and rely on a not maintainable financial system (debt, interest & inflation). So better already create a base alternative.

“Obey the neon gods they made” [Sound of silence song, Paul Simon / Art Garfunkel]

A possible fix for the 21th century can be to create currencies without the above mentioned ‘money viruses’. And start the transformation process bottom up and firstly release the most important economic aspect of our house holds. Once this is done, banks are finally ‘no more to big to fail’, and can go bankrupt in a gentle manner. Make a distinction between luxury economy and base economy. And consider a 10 hour work week shift and (social) workflow, which facilitates basic facilities for all. Ziny currency proof of concept project (PoC) is about this.

Call to action: You can help to manifest this by participating in this project.

By doing so, other ‘bugs’ will and can vanish automatically: a devastating free stock market, shareholders only interested in making more money, hedge funds, financial derivative products (‘financial weapons of mass destruction’ – Warren Buffet) and a government which seems to be only interested or can exist with a growing GDP.

II. Social realm
We came from little living together hoods in ancient times. Individuality and the possibility to move took over. Deprivation and loneliness followed for many, especially in the cities. Not saying that the classical -often a extremistic religion based- together hoods, with their own power structures where that good for people.
But we can move on and combine the good of the old ages, with the possibilities of the new ages. What makes people now come and live together? Is it a shared purpose? A shared dream? Liking each other? No. Iconomy principles, or ‘free market’: People buy or hire a house, mainly based on where they can get a house at a good price. This ‘perversity’ saturates the society. The low social cohesion level between people living next to each other might also be a blocking issue to manifest the sharing economy Imagine that instead of needing one car per 1 or 2 persons, we can share three cars per 20 persons? And imagine what the positive impact this has on reducing the footprint on earth. And there are many more advantages. An interesting area for universities and cities to create pilot urban areas. 

In addition we can reconsider wat makes a ‘family’. Or a ‘living together’ group (‘tribe’). Or a ‘part time’ living together group. And what ‘makes a relation’ (with so many divorced people). Maybe high time to re-invent the marriage protocol. The ‘Newfamily, NovAMORe and Emotude’ manifest is about this, and can be downloaded freely at this page.

“There is so much isolation” [Love profusion song, Madonna]

How can we fix this? By simply eliminating the money focus in our house creation policy and allocating houses between people policy. And redesign the housing / urban area architecture policy and allocation mechanisms. Something to define migration steps for in 21th century. Yes, this will have impact on mortgages and banks, and money more ‘core financial systems’ now leading our society. That money system became a new ‘god’ to iconize and obey, so it seems. But it is not good.

III. Self realm
In many sayings the wisdom is reflected that the ‘outer world’ is a reflection of your ‘inner world’. Or, that the world being manifested is highly correlated to our inner worlds. If we have few peace with our inner parts, and if we carry a lot of ‘demons’ within us, these demons might lead cumulative to wars, suffering, conflicts, earth depletion, etc.

Only in Holland about 1 million of the 17 million people poluation is saud to be (de)pressed and/or swallow pills to sedate all kinds of psychological issues. Our mental care system is also a residu of iconomic principles. Farma-psychiatry and the ‘Diagnostic System Manual’ (DSM) as extreme outcomes. Thinkings, pills and believes which mainly do not cure people, because they don’t address the underlying issues. Which feel more to be on the level of people not able to ‘breath’ in this society, with so many sick making elements. And soul purposes not being able to fulfill, because we -for example- have to obey the money god, and iconomic growth. School and education systems are also tune on this. (making children often sick). Trauma and pills might create emotional barricades. And this creates more numbness in society, which decreases our empathetic skills and increases the distance with our souls and each other.

[“There is no pain, you are receding”, Numb Song, Pink Floyd]

Fix in the 21th century? The most effective fix is curing the realms I and II (because than less damaged people occur). But as said earlier, that desires curing our selves. Step by step, in numerous mini cycles of self curing, and curing our lively hoods a bit, we can fix it. Non-iconomic mental care methods have been developed. Some to mention here: Peer support groups, non violent communication principles, family patterns (familie opstellingen). And Eco and soul based programs like being developed by Animas institute (and a affiliate network around the world). And creating alternatives for iconomy-psychiatric hospitals: Living places to recover, discover find peers and gain hope for a senseful existence, together and atuned.

Thank you for your time and interest,
Iwanjka Geerdink, website host and initiator,
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