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This portal is an initiative by the Dutch social entrepreneur Iwanjka Geerdink (www.iwanjka.com).

It aims to inspire on creating new social-economic DNA in our society.

From the perspective that many social an economic structures served humanity well so far, but needs re-invention to make our way in the age to come (ecological decay, a new financial crisis might be ahead, feelings of deprivation with many people, people loosing faith in religion, etc.).

This portal intends to co-operate with other platforms, so, if you feel your platform resonates positively, please add a link towards transitieportaal.nl (and send me an email, I intend to link back to your portal / initiative). Thus enforcing the global network of change platforms.

On this website – to keep focus – you will find mainly the following 4 things:

  1. A proof of concept project on Ziny Social Workflow and its supporting community – Being an example of a possible replacement of money driven economic chains. Als resonating with the Resource Based Economy (RBE) thoughts, for those who have seen the Zeitgeist Moving Forward Documentary.
  2. An description and invitation for a yearly communal living and gathering camp. – Experience living together outside of the brick walls, and resource with like minded people.
  3. Vision papers – Seven main topics seen from the perspective of transitieportaal.

Thank you for your attention,