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So, what’s it about?

Is there a way out of here – Transition Portal – All along the watchtower

Society seems to have entered its chaos point. Ervin Laszlo wrote a book on this ‘The Chaos Point’. We have entered a ‘decision window’: in this episode we can work to make the quantum leap upwards, or leave it and make the quantum leap downwards.

Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven
Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven – Transition Portal

Create a heaven on earth?
And it is for each of us to decide if we continue our ‘old’ trail. Or make our own ‘quantum leap’. At this time often preceded by a burn-out or crisis. Entering our ‘dark age of the soul’. If this is the case, often we are left over to handle this alone. The people normally being closest to us not understanding this. And they cannot -yet- understand it. And the early 21th century mental health systems won’t understand it either. Are not atuned to it. It will give you all kinds of diagnosis and pills. Treatments which won’t work. Until it understand that it might be like a ‘soul initiation’ (with credits to the works of Bill Plotkin and Animas institute, read his books Soulcraft and WildMind).

And for those who make the step, a new heaven and new earth might arise. That is what the cover of the Novaglobe book is about ‘a world in white is underway’.

A world in white gets underway – U2 – New Years Day – Tranisition Portal

This Transition Portal aims to be a hub a dot on the global network helping to connect the dots. Together wit millions of ‘awakening’ (or woken up) changemakers all over the world.

Vision Papers
In the Vision Papers page you’ll find 1 to 3 page documents on certain subjects.

Practical step: Join a Transition Camp
And as a practical step, I would suggest you to join one or more transition camps, or if not available in your own region, organize these your self (feel free to ask help, people already joined one might be willing to come over!).

Feel free to join this Facebook group for discussion or fellow transition people.

In such we can maybe all move along the watchtower (Bob Dylan / Jimmy Hendrix song expressions). There is far more truth and lessons in songs than many understand yet. I wish bringing the essence and knowledge of song to manifestation in the world will become a standard subject in schools. Instead of many ‘dumb’ learning of things many don’t use, or can easily be addressed by smart usage of the internet or fellow people (who like to gain that specific knowledge or skills).

Welcome home family!

Iwanjka Geerdink (Website Iwanjka),
Host and initiator


And let’s make lands of harmony and sense, instead of confusion!;-)

Land of Confusion – Lands of Harmony and Peace – Transition Portal

A hub, working together with other hubs, weaving global networks, creating a new social sustainable and peaceful ecology…