Program without Party (PwP)

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“It does not matter which party manifests it, as long as it gets manifested”

Program without Party (Programma zonder Partij in Dutch), stands for a transition politics approach in which political (party) programs are evaluated on certain main transition topics.

If you want to tune in, please join this Facebook group.

At least with each election, national, or per city also the a questionnaire  is sent by email to the program makers. Via which they get consulted. The results of the evaluations get broadcasted via the social media networks and affiliate partners.

Already by reading a certain concept, the programs might change… By doing something like this together in various countries, everyone on its own way, we make a global change vibration. Please contact, if you do something similar, and we can reference to each others webpage.

> Link to the Dutch evaluation portal for the national elections [2017 elections]
> Link to the Dutch evaluation page for the city hall elections of the city Amersfoort [2018 elections]


Council of Inspiration

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The mentioned people inspire the direction of the Transition Portal, via what they do or express. And they give asked and and un-asked suggestions. Not saying they know or agree with everything being published at the portal.


  • Engbert Breuker – Entreprenereur human oriented organizations / Pentascope / Groningen
  • Jan Bijl (active in various local initiatives) / Rotterdam
  • Brigitte van Hengel – Various (local) initiatives like ‘gezond verstand avonden‘ / Woerden
  • Miko Serko Mamoribo Carels (active in various local, regional and global initiatives) /  Zoetermeer
  • Fred Jan Twigt /  (ecodorp) Bergen
  • Ruben Herfst -Co organizer Flowtowns sphere and camps / Arnhem
  • Jean Paul Close – Sustainocracy / Eindhoven
  • Michael Kamp -Ruigoord Cultural Free harbour / Amsterdam
  • Hans Plomp – Ruigoord Cultural Free harbour / Amsterdan
  • Jolanda Verburg – And her permaculture-example-how-we-could-live in the Netherlands habitat. / Culemburg
  • Robert Jan Kelder – Publisher, translator, musician, Willehalm Institute / Amsterdam
  • Johannes Kelder – A wise troubadour soul, having attended many Rainbow gatherings and eco (village) initiatives / Amsterdam.
  • Marielle CornieljeCitizen movement / burgerbeweging / Nijmegen
  • Sigrid van der Hoeven – Also member of the Amersfoort local political party ‘Actief voor Amersfoort‘ / Amersfoort
  • Ben Stoelinga – Also member / Amersfoort citizen hall council member for the local political party ‘Amersfoort2014‘ / Amersfoort
  • Hans Gerritse – Co inspirator of New Netherlands party in Amersfoort  idea in 2009 and sparring partner. / Amersfoort
  • Sarah Morton – Author and entrepreneur with a platform named ‘Kind-zijn’ (child-being). / Zoetermeer
  • Marije Kapinga – Author / Publisher / Humansound network (GGZ2.0Network) / / Amersfoort
  • Marco van Zelderen – Co organizer Flowtowns sphere and camps. / Elshof
  • Sandra Zwerver – Co organizer Flowtowns sphere and camps. / Elshof
  • Ilone Bruijn – Arts – expression / Groningen
  • Bibi van der Meer – Conscious Climbers / Green Monkey / JAAN fundraising. / Den Haag
  • Miko Serko Mamoribo Carels – Flowtowns sphere and camps and Humansound network (GGZ2.0Network). / Zoetermeer
  • Gerbrand Muller – Author / publisher. / Amsterdam
  • Ernst du Pont – Author / Poet / Musucian. / Haarlem
  • Ewout Storm van Leeuwen – Author / publisher. / Kranenbug – Mobile
  • Hein van Elteren – Author / organized and initiated various platforms. / Nijmegen
  • Charlotte Apeldoorn – Author / helping with Humansound network (GGZ2.0Network). / Amsterdam
  • Luc Schoot – Crayzwise – Author / heoping with Humansound network (GGZ2.0Network). / Amsterdam
  • Sebastiaan Bronckorst – Christlike Transition Projects and C60Governance concept. / Leusden
  • Raymond van Dijk – Co organizing Flowtowns sphere / Vereniging Belevingswereld. / Rotterdam
  • Caroline Gerfin – Madpride / Humansound network (GGZ2.0Network). / Amersfoort
  • Gio Vogelaar-  Education / youth mental care. / Utrecht
  • Bob Radstake – Greenman Project / (Co) organizer Living Village Festival
  • Herman de Roos – Author / Leusden
  • Monique Wijn – Ecovillages Network / Permaculture / Groningen
  • Geert Vousten – Consciousness Pioneers / Various local initiatives / Amersfoort
  • Helga Kuijpers – Connection maker / Oss
  • Klaas van Egmond – Professor Geo sciences Utrecht University
  • Guus Geurts
  • Hans van Steenbergen – Author  / Economy / Money reform
  • Edgar Wortmann – Ons Geld foundation (relate to the global Positive Money Movement)
  • Ad Broere – Author / Economy / Money reform
  • Ingolf Kruseman / Amersfoort
  • Pascal Dolleman / Doetinchem
  • Herman de Roos / Leusden
  • Annemiek Koopmans – Education / Co organizing Flowtowns sphere. / Leusden
  • Elbert Westerbeek – Political synergy maker / Drentse Eldery Party / Emmen
  • Petra Roelofsen – Entrepreneur in Conscious Education schooling formats / author.
  • Ronald Kraaij / Amersfoort – Duo Computers – Upcycling Ziny support punt
  • Harmen de Ruijter / Zeist – Stichting ANMD ICT / hosting
  • Hans Plomp / Amsterdam
  • Ferdinand Zanda – Has been / is active for various movements like political party Mens en Spirit / Ons Geld. / Den Haag
  • Iwanjka Geerdink – Transitieportaal / Transition portal organizer / writer / musician / climber / runner / Ziny currency / Amersfoort.
  • Ewoud Venema – Workshops als ‘vrij met geld’ en verkenning en uitdragen van een ‘ander’ manifestatie mechanisme, wat de geest lijkt delen met de ‘zinconomy’ en ‘flowconomy’. Co creating universes op Facebook.

International linking people (City2City connections manifesting a C60Governance model):

Singers & Musicians, film makes, authors
(not saying the other mentioned people do not make music or sing!!!)

Specific councils in Novaglobe Eco subdomain terms:
(seven members per area preferably, a bit more women than men preferably). See slide 7 in this set for the idea behind the areas.

Area Council members
1. Harmonicracy Marielle Cornielje, Sigrid van de Hoeven, Hans Gerritse,Brigitte van Hengel
2. Flowconomy Marco van Zelderen, Ad Broere, Ewoud Venema, Hans van Steenbergen, Edgar Wortmann, Raoul Schepers, Jolanda Verburg
3. Togetherhood Petra RoelofsenMiko Serko Mamoribo Carels, Marco van Zelderen, Sandra Zwerver, Guus Geurts, Monique Wijn, Sarah Morton
4. Artscience Ilone Bruin, Bibi van der Meer, Michael Kamp, Herman de Roos
5. Humansound Charlotte Apeldoorn, Luc Schoot, Stella Braam, Gio Vogelaar, Ingolf Kruseman
6. Justitia Brigitte van Hengel, Pascal Dolleman, Herman de Roos
7. Iciety Ronald Kraaij, Harmen  de Ruiter



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Ziny-Currency stands for a debt and speculation free currency. A Proof of Concept (PoC)  project has been started, based on crowdfunding (no dependencies of government or commercial money flows).

The idea is fairly simple: One hour of citizen work aiming on a common need or base facility gives one Ziny (inspired by the mining concept which has become a globally known concept via the crypto-currencies). The participants decide in council fashion on the workflow queue which is known as mine-able work. In such the people themselves act as money creators, not banks.

Watch this 7 minutes video, with English subtitels to get a more profound idea on why something like Ziny Currency is needed, and how it works.

After and during the Proof of Concept period (estimated to be a 5 years period) laboratory results are communicated to the Dutch national political parties and the local political parties of the city of Amersfoort. The Ziny framework gets released as open source. (At Amersfoort the Ziny concept got initiated). Each city, or organisation can create each Ziny-like currency node. Which can exchange also with each other, and other currencies.

This system can help humanity to detach from a debt based economy. And reduce the risk of a new bank crisis, which gets more likely every day: In 2007/2008 banks got rescued by governments. Later governments got rescued by ECB (Europe) like institutes. But… who is going to rescue the ECB? (credits to the Zeitgeist Moving Forward documentary, for this compact and logical reasoning). And… we might make a transition step towards a far more fair world, in which people are less ‘slaves’ of the ones having the money. (modern slavery)

Please send an email to, if you do or want to do something like wise for your country or city.

> Link to the Dutch Ziny Proof of Concept project portal

Mental Health

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The number of burnouts increase. Suicide is a main death cause for young people. A new mental health (transition) vision seems to be required.

Some main ingredients: Use the word hypothesis instead of diagnosis. Peer support groups. Nature based. Complementary disciplines. And maybe the most important aspect: Stop to neglect the -main- reason of mental issues (with pills and diagnosis), and start to investigate and cure the social system root causes.

Please send an email to if you host or know something likewise in your country, in such we can reference to each others portal and (co)create a global resonating network.

> Link to the Dutch portal, named GGZ2.0 (Netwerk)

DoGoodPromotions briefly described

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DoGoodPromotions is a company focused on ‘giving promotion for good things’.

Origin company: Iwanjka Geerdink started to discover Twitter being a campaign leader for the Dutch political party New Netherlands, during 2010 national elections. After the elections (and leaving ‘classical politics’) he continued doing promotion campaigns via Twitter. Reaching over hundred thousands of people.

Iwanjka Geerdink has a Master of Science in information engineering (Twente University).

In such he decided to turn this into one of his business lines / trade marks.

If you feel interested in organizing a campaign, please contact him via:

Costs: Commercial businesses: 80 euro’s an hour. Non profits and personal causes: 25 euro’s an hour, or one Ziny per hour. Rates including VAT.

Here you can read about his living principles on possession and money.

Currency Consultancy

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Currency Consultancy is a company focused on creating sense full currency, value exchange and balancing mechanisms for organisations, cities, countries, etc.

Sense full means: Money or currency systems which have been released from so called currency parasites: Debt, interest, inflation, and unequal currency creation among the by the participants. These currency parasites cause for not-sustainable economic systems, or even worse: Financial bombs, which can be as disruptive for societies as wars, hurricanes, etc.

Origin company: Iwanjka Geerdink worked for about 10 years in the banking industry. He got himself ‘locked’ into a mortgage in 2008, and decided to contribute with his skills to create sound money systems. To turn this world around.

His scarce skills (and thus potential core-gift to the world): Knowledge of the disruptive character of the nowadays money system and derivatives, multiple years as project manager and ICT architect in Finance. And his experience as innovation and realisation manager at Utopics information architects (this company does not exist anymore). 10 years (since 2008) doing research and experiments with alternative currency systems and socio-ecological redesign.

Services include: Advice, consultancy, design, plan & implement, governance structures & maintenance organisation.

Iwanjka Geerdink has a Master of Science in information engineering (Twente University).

Feel free to contact me:

Costs: Commercial businesses: 80 euro’s an hour. Non profits and personal causes: 25 euro’s an hour, or one Ziny per hour. Rates including VAT.

Here you can read about his living principles on possession and money.


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Feel free to contact a Transition Portal Netherlands website administrator:

Iwanjka Geerdink
Iwanjka also acts as currency consultant (he has been working till 2008 in the Dutch banking industry, and since than he has been working on sustainable value chain and balancing alternatives).
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