A solution direction and 7 primary Iconomy elements – Jump?

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A diagram describing a possible transition architecture, transforming our economy into a two later structure: A. Base Economy (Basic Income idea), B. A ‘Play’ / arts / vitality economy. Further reading: Novaglobe book.

A possible solution direction…

Imagine a currency system, like the Bitcoin, but where mining is done by doing one hour of society work. And that the currency is hardly suspect to speculation. Like with Bitcoin, the maximum amount of ‘coins’ (currents) is limited: 100.000 multiplied by the people joining (logic behind this: there is an organic maximum on how many hours people can work). Imagine a currency system with no intrinsic inflation (like the dollar, yen, etc.), so there is no need for interest on loans.

Imagine a currency is the ‘blood’ of our economy, so a intrinsic inflating system (like the dollar, euro, yen, etc.) we create a economic system which needs to grow, and which might kill us the sooner or later (climate heating and food depletion). Imagine the word ‘economy’ originally means ‘the way a sustainable house hold’ is done. So, the nowadays economy, based on euro’s, dollars, etc. is actually no economy. Imagine a currency system which reintroduces something like a golden standard, and thus making roller coaster speculation impossible.

Such as system has been defined and launched in the city Amersfoort in Holland. It has been given the name Ziny. (Note: more likewise systems could be designed in theory).

And than, Imagine that we define what sense full base economy work looks like. And we put this work in a workflow queue and each citizen picks out te work most suited to his / her talents and joy. And we work eg. 10 hours a week, and thus provide for a base economy and base infrastructure. Ziny has been designed to (co)facilitate this process and get acquainted with it. And thus we can manifest the requirements behind the well known concept basic income, and on the long run maybe even release the concept of ‘money / currency’. Note: this mechanism (society workflow) can be put to action already – Ask people to take 20 hours a week from a local / national workflow and give a social security payment in return. A critical requirement in this is that all types of work should be in the queue AND that people at least do 3 hours a week work which otherwise would not be done. And in addition: all participants should have a -council structured- voice in which work is being put on the workflow queue.

And finally imagine hedge fund and stock noted companies are phased out, and replaced by producing networks, and or goods owned in ‘non possessed vehicles’. And the same goes for the lands we live on.

This sound incredible, but we can make it work. If we wish. Why not? No hurry, we can decide to take 50 years for this migration. Step by step action.

In the above, in about one page of text you read about how we can re-implement the social functions of banks (money system), tax and a base income philosophy.

7 primary Iconomy elements

A name for the part of the economy which might be better to vanish is Iconomy. With the I from Icons, I (me) and Idiotes. An exercise which has been carried out is to describe seven elemental building blocks of this Iconomy. With the idea: once there is understanding on what creates that ‘negative’ side (which brings earth depletion, people becoming sick, etc.), we can design and deploy another type of economic building blocks. Within the Novaglobe book [Availability in Holland] [Availability Global] three main Iconomy areas where distinguished: Banking/money, Business and Government. In this text it has been decided to making a break down into seven elements to make the problem analysis more clear.

Primary iconomy element no 1 – Debt and interest – Area: Banking / Money system. Comments:  Our nowaydays money system needs more and more money added to it yearly, to feed the ‘interest parasite’. This ‘parasite’ eats more and more of our economic flow: The accumulating interest needs to be paid, without added value or labour in return. This expresses itself in symptoms like rising house rents and prices, ‘there are people who can do the work, but there is no money’ (eldery care and so), etc. Finally this bubble must explode, probably even more deeply than in 2007/2008.

Primary iconomy element no 2 – No golden standard – Area: Banking / Money system. Comments: The golden standard (which said how much gold was one dollar) kept the money grow limited. This golden standard has been released (the Netherlands being one of the latest to do so, under much pressure…). Since than the money grow (and inflation) has exploded. There is no more balance.

Primary iconomy element no 3 – Intrinsic inflation – Area: Banking / Money system. comments: Economists tend to say that inflation is part of economy. If they do so, they only consider the ‘iconomic’ model, and not other types of a more sense full economic models (which we could name flowconomy,  zinconomy, etc.).

Primary iconomy element no 4 – Accountability avoidance – Area Companies / businesses. Comments: A common legal entity in the world is a thing like the ‘Ltd’. Standing for ‘Limited Accountability’. What this leads to we read each day in the news paper (these companies go bankrupt, debts are for the tax payer). In addition there is no accountability for the ecocide companies commit.

Primary iconomy element no 5 – Possession focus – Area: Companies / businesses. Comments: We started to make a company ‘possessed’, and made it possible to split it up in (stock) shares. Around this concept a whole circus of derivative financial products have been created. Which Warren Buffet once named ‘Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction’. He is right. People taking a share only focus on profit, and the directors and employees are the soldiers who are sent to the front line to fight for it. Modern slavery, brother fighting brother, called a civilization. ‘Trading’ of stocks more and more becomes ‘intentionally stealing from your fellow citizen, camouflaged by the exchange infrastructure in between’. Is that good or sense full?

Primary iconomy element no 6 – GDP growth focus – Area: Government. Comments: Organisation tend to grow. So do government related organs. Governments are heavily financed by loans. The higher te GDP, the more a government can take as a loan. Interesting to note: By ‘printing’ money, the GDP ‘grows’ automatically…

Primary iconomy element no 7 – Tax instead of contributionism – Our tax system has a beautiful side: it arranges the creation and maintenance of our common needs. At the other hand: more and more money is needed by this ‘machine’ and spoiled to useless goals: te more people have a distance to ‘feeling the pain’ of working for it, the more easily this value gets spoiled… We can create  more intelligent mechanism of coupling talents and labor to the specif area’s. Also giving more ‘soul’ to this part of the economy.

The described ‘solution direction’ gives fixes for nearly all described ‘bugs’ (iconomy elements) in our economic system…