Camps (page not used anymore)

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Communal living camps

Already for some years people organize in a autonomous but a-tuned fashion communal living camps. These had and have various names: Summerflowtons, Flowcamp, Summerflowcamp, Summerflow, Native Nature FlowCamp (NNFc) , etc. Each episode or name also has its own dynamics: If drinking is okay yes/no, same for smoking, if there will be (nature) ceremony work, etc.

A focus: Inspire each other, make new contacts, maybe form new projects. And experiment on communal living (‘instant community’). ┬áCamps are as low cost as possible, have a touch of a rainbow gathering, and are focused on being in nature. A daily council around a fire is another standard element. And we strive to manifest a sustainable society.

Leaving the ‘bricks in the wall’ once a while might be a necessary step into this new universe.

Plans for 2019

  • Native Nature FlowCamp: There will be a camp which is partly open for subscription as from August 3 in Elp again (Uteringskamp – Staatsbosbeheer). There will be three week-period subscription possibilities. More on this later. Like this Facebook page to stay tuned. Or email
  • Other camps possibly under the name ‘Summerflow’ (which had already camps for some years now). Join the Flowtowns NL Facebook group to stay tuned.