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As from 2010 some like minded people started to organize camps at Nijkerk, in the Netherlands, as being a way to be able to gather. Later on we made a sort of conjunction with quite some people who attended the occupy camps.  Quite some camps followed, mostly under a different name. A focus: Inspire each other, make new contacts, maybe form new projects. And experiment on communual living (‘instant community’).  Camps are as low cost as possible, have a touch of a rainbow gathering, and are focused on being in nature. A daily council around a fire is another standard element. And we strive to manifest a sustainable society. Leaving the ‘bricks in the wall’ once a while might be a necessary step into this new universe.

Below you find the camps organised in 2018. Each camps has its own ‘tone’ and ‘population’. We experienced that people have different habits, and a different state were they are at that moment in their own transition. It is important to organize spheres in which every soul can flourish maximally.

Children are very welcome, we intend to take care for them in a shared fashion.

We also intend to have fun, next to being serious and conscious;-)

This year together we have manifested 3 weeks of continuous camp days in two camps! (You are invited to join them both).


Native Nature Flow Camp July 14 / July 22 – Drenthe – Netherlands

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Questions / tuning up: See the Facebook links below, or the Facebook page link above (feel free to post on the wall).

Primary initiators: Iwanjka, Marije, Janneke, Serko…

Pets are not allowed by the State Natural Agency who hosts us.

Focus on being in a pure state (no alcohol and tobacco other than use for a ceremony). Focus and exchange with rituals people bring with them, from allover the world, or self initiated. Sacred fire.

Some inspirations of the initiators:

Iwanjka worked in the banking industry until 2008. A burnout in that year made his personal transition happen. Nowadays he intends to help with creating a different economic and social architecture. And he started to sing his tune and song. More about him (free books and music):, or Iwanjka on Facebook

Marije worked until recently in the public sector. She started her own publishing company Zekerzin and is already for some years active in becoming an Animas guide, and is helping to create a European network. She also likes working with dreams.

Serko is active both in working with young people, and the indigenous tribes.

Janneke’s focus lies on native rituals and care taking of mother earth.

Summerflow Camp July 21 / August 4 – Drenthe – Netherlands

This specific camp ‘format’ is already undergoing its fourth year, attracting an already recurring group of people. But it is open for newcomers! Pets welcome.

Primary initiators: Jose, Sandra, Marco …

Description in Dutch, copied from this Facebook event.

Hoera! We hebben een nieuwe locatie voor Summerflow! In het midden van het land, bij Dronten en Elburg. Een fijne plek in de natuur, hondjes zijn welkom en na een klein wandelingetje kom je bij het meer waar gezwommen kan worden.
Voor velen zal het weer een soort thuiskomen bij bekenden zijn, maar voor wie het nieuw is, even een kleine uitleg.Summerflow is een manier om te ervaren hoe het is om zo basic mogelijk, met gelijkgestemden in harmonie met de natuur te leven. Als groep. In feite is het een tijdelijke instant community. Met een vuur, een eigen buitenkeuken, muziek, zingen, bewustwording, spiritualiteit, lekker eten (zoveel mogelijk biologisch) Veel mensen willen anders wonen, in een groep, anders..
Maar hoe dan?
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A hub, working together with other hubs, weaving global networks, creating a new social sustainable and peaceful ecology…