DoGoodPromotions briefly described

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DoGoodPromotions is a company focused on ‘giving promotion for good things’.

Origin company: Iwanjka Geerdink started to discover Twitter being a campaign leader for the Dutch political party New Netherlands, during 2010 national elections. After the elections (and leaving ‘classical politics’) he continued doing promotion campaigns via Twitter. Reaching over hundred thousands of people.

Iwanjka Geerdink has a Master of Science in information engineering (Twente University).

In such he decided to turn this into one of his business lines / trade marks.

If you feel interested in organizing a campaign, please contact him via:

Costs: Commercial businesses: 80 euro’s an hour. Non profits and personal causes: 25 euro’s an hour, or one Ziny per hour. Rates including VAT.

Here you can read about his living principles on possession and money.