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DoGoodPromotions -dgpr in short- is a company founded by Iwanjka Geerdink. The ‘business’ of dgpr is to help with the promotion of things which makes this world a more good place: Ideas, businesses, people, books, places, etc.

Before you read further it might be a good idea to read this page on the underlying economic transition vision (if you did not already do so):

A solution direction and 7 primary Iconomy elements – Jump?


More concrete the three following business lines are defined:

  1. Hosting and promotion of a GGZ2.0Network synergy hub (mental health, vitality places, recovery paths, books and resources)
  2. Hosting and promotion of a book sharing hub Boekcoop (the members produce, promote and inspire in a cooperative fashion).
  3. Hosting and promotion of a hour and council based social currency platform named Ziny (mining of currents via sense full work, giving a Ziny discount at service and good providers, or the opportunity to exchange services and goods fully in Ziny, globally).
  1. Habitats development which provides for a ‘less isolated’ society, and seasonal living / working for humans. Including group-wise homeschooling for children. Flowtowns – Flowlands – Transhumance. Within time it is the intention to turn this project into a business line, with a map of places which manifest this. An important aspect is that the lands are (intentionally) owned neither by private neither by commercial legal entities. (Further reading: Unpossessed Lands form).
  2. (Semi) political inspiration with fundamental transition concepts and political system transformation into a more harmonic fashion. Programme without Party (PwP) / Programma zonder Partij (PzP. Harmonicracy. And the contribution to act as a co-organizer of a global grid of autonomous transition councils per city.
  3. Malawi – Working together with partners in Malawi to create soul full (‘bezielde’ in Dutch) habitats, which can: A. Shelter the about 1 million orphan children, B. Kickstart a innovative economy (Malawi seems to be one of those countries which hold the best papers to make a quantum leap in economic innovation), C. Inspire ‘people from North’ by being there in cold western winter. Working and part-time living together. (And within time, it feels logical that people from the south can live part-time in the North, if they want to). [Further reading at this journal page:]
  4. Production and promotion of ‘personal’ creations like the books Diagnose Levensklem (Lifejammed), Novaglobe, Flowtowns, Deniesa’s Manifest  and  Living Love Manifest. And a musical production line, like the Calling Mayqueen songs album.

The pricing / services are arranged in such manner that within 5 years a yearly work effort return into a Base Facility. At this moment this base facility requires euros, and is modeled to be 1000 euro’s per month (in the Neterlands monthly social security payments is around 1000 euro’s). Via this business model it is intended to manifest the so called Basic Balance Income (BBI). A considerable part of the services can be obtained by exchanging Ziny’s, for 2018 about 100 hours of dgpr service is available via Ziny exchange (comparison: normally one dgpr service hour costs 25 euro ex VAT).

The pricing policy is that in general per element (a book reference, website business reference or a ziny acount) 15 euro’s ex. VAT per year is asked as a basis price. Donations are off course very welcome, in such you support the grow of the above mentioned synergy hubs / network services. Partners who have two or more elements activated and add a resource network map on their website can get a yearly 15 euro discount (as a return for giving promotion to all connected partners via their website flow). This concerns the Ziny-resource map, the GGZ2.0Network map and Boekcoop partners map.

Status BBI: At this moment the work hours / income variant is like:

Year Turnover Income after tax Hours Hourly €
2016 2,2K 1,4K 1,5K 0,9
2017 2,7K 1,7K 1,6K 1,0
2018 3,3K 2,4 1,4K 1,7

(Grey = projection)

The above makes  clear that the coming years less work can be given away without asking for euro’s.

Network particpants are invited to take a look for the more detailed hour / work type report.

Work hours are mainly allocated to the three named business lines.

Contact: | | Facebook – Iwanjka Innederlands