Natural living together camp festival 2019 – Holland

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By Iwanjka:

“And the forests echoed with laughter”
Led Zeppelin, Stairway to Heaven song.

People now intending to come: See this link (that spreadsheet is mainly in Dutch, but I guess you’ll figure it out, and otherwise feel free to send me an email for more information:

Note: The week starting August 10 seems to be a organically forming international ‘bubble’…

The 2019 edition is intended to host 15 to 25 people, including children. So it will be a small familiar group, making it possible to create an intimate fundament. Also for having fun, talks, etc. Iwanjka will be a primary organizer via his newly started little company ‘CampsCompany’. Which aims to bring people together in nature for a small period, living in a communal fashion and focus on resourcing ourselves, and make a step in transition. To serve the process of our society to shift more towards living together, instead if further de-fragmentation and isolation: Old models of living together seem to have broken or break, people detaching from religion, etc. But new models are not there yet: Maybe living more tribal or (part-time?) communal, what about relations, etc. These topics are also in re-consideration during the camping together.

At this moment there is no extensive public ‘recruitment’ going on for participants: Invitations are sent or arise on a more organic way following a combined cause or existing trustful relations.

There will be some place for (nature) based ceremony, like honoring the elements, doing (morning) prayers and guarding a sacred fire place. And wandering in the forest, do some running, yoga, painting, etc. (bring the materials you like, and also small music instruments). Participants are the ones who carry this. There will be a council / sharing everyday at 11 (or a different time if the group decides in such).

However the camp will be in Holland, there is space for English speaking people (and foreign people are very welcome, for making international relations): In a previous edition we also had people from Serbia and Poland, which seem to join again. In such this coming together has a ‘touch’ of a rainbow gathering (but it is not in strict sense: It is not free of a camping fee).

Children are very welcome, and the adults who come are invited to join in parenthood and ‘education’. ‘It takes a village to raise a child’. And so are ‘eldery’ (three generations principle).

There are three week-episodes (each time from Saturday to Saturday). The first week starts Saturday August 3 (you can arrive anytime). For the first two weeks as from Sunday night until Friday we intend to create a ‘bubble’: No people coming or going, or at least as less as possible. Or in the words of Animas Institute founder Bill Plotkin, we intend to weave a sort of ‘cocoon’ than. Cocoons are places of transformation, like the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly (and the new butterfly has caterpillar aspects as well again;-), the wheel of transformation goes on and on). The week starting Saturday 17 Augustus is different: In that week people are welcome who want to stay only one night, or some nights. It is always possible to join only Friday on Saturday and/or Saturdays on Sundays.

I intend to keep the camp episodes as low budget as possible. I now organize these kinds of camps for about 8 years. If I want to keep on doing this in a sustainable way, I need to create some money for the hours organizing it (like the time it takes to write this text). For now I ask a price of 70 euro’s for a week, or 11 euro’s for a ‘night only’ booking. Children can join for 5 euro’s per night. Children 0-2 years: Free.

We camp at a campsite of the Dutch forest agency ‘staatsbosbeheer’. The exact location is Ieberen 1, Elp. You will be informed in more detail via email once you subscribe. The forest agency does not allow pets. There is a nice like with a sand beach in 5 minute walk, so bring you swimsuit!

Some additional remarks::

  • Using computers and smartphones: Preferable don’t use these ‘open on the camp field’. If you want to do some work or so, there is a nice terrace at the lake side.
  • Photo and filming: Be very reluctant on what you film and even more on what you share. Only share material if the person on it (or a parent if it concerns a child) has agreed to do so. Check check- double check. This will be a topic of council normally, to tune up on.
  • Electricity: There is one 220V socket in the shared shower / toilet facility, which we can share. If you have portable solar panels, bring them?
  • Food: People cook themselves, bring a burner or so. In practice people tend to make some eating groups, or share left over food etc. Probably each day somebody goes to a supermarket to do shopping. Preferably eat as animal friendly as possible (veganistic of maybe even vegan).
  • Smoking, alcohol, etc.: We like to be with you in your most natural state. This is not the place to use substances which influence your being, like alcohol, cannabis, chemicals, etc. If you wish or need to smoke tobacco: Take a walk in the forest and smoke out of the sight of the camp field.


Mail me ( or contact me via Whatsapp of Facebook. If you reserve a place, it will be not ‘put in concrete’: I wish to trust your capabilities on knowing your self on planning your course…

I hope to meet you in the forest!
Iwanjka, also in name of the space holding focalizers, – contact:

Greetings from Iwanjka, meet you in the forest?

Impressions 2018 edition: