News: Children poverty in Holland

This article (Dutch news):

describes a family, which is is in ‘debt sanitation’ (schuldsanering) phase and under ‘money-control’ (bewindvoering). In such the family has very little to spend, a child wearing ‘too small shoes’ and saying to the mother ‘No problem mama, I can continue wearing these shoes, even if they hurt for being to small’. This gives me a rising tear…

How can it be, that this happens in a ‘rich country’ like Holland? We have a social security system for all (meaning people get a base income of about 800 euro’s). For me the answer:

  1. Social security get’s -unconsciously- ‘sabotaged’ by the ‘debt virus’: The amount of global interest rises exponentially, so does the part of debt in prices. Especially housing: Rent & mortgage. Consequence: ‘all money’ goes to housing, and less and less is available for clothes, food, health, sports, education, et cetera.
  2. Things might have happend in peoples lives why they over-spended. Especially (single) mothers seem vulnerable to this: They cannot not work due to take care, they might get desperate to buy things for there children. The result: Piling debt, and a debt trap.

The only solution for me, leave currencies in which new currents are created via creating debt. See the Ziny Social Workflow for an example, but also take a look at (in Dutch).

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