Program without Party (PwP)

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“It does not matter which party manifests it, as long as it gets manifested”

Program without Party (Programma zonder Partij in Dutch), stands for a transition politics approach in which political (party) programs are evaluated on certain main transition topics.

Concept score card:

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At least with each election, national, or per city also the a questionnaire  is sent by email to the program makers. Via which they get consulted. The results of the evaluations get broadcasted via the social media networks and affiliate partners.

Already by reading a certain concept, the programs might change… By doing something like this together in various countries, everyone on its own way, we make a global change vibration. Please contact, if you do something similar, and we can reference to each others webpage.

Link to the Dutch evaluation portal for the national elections [2017 elections]

> Link to the Dutch evaluation page for the city hall elections of the city Amersfoort [2018 elections]


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