Social workflow currency

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Climate change root cause… could it be the money system? Money as the blood of the economy, which needs to grow by default, because it is based on debt? (And debt requires interest, thus a growing money volume, growing production, and a growing population – the consumers). Imagine a human body, which is injected with more and more blood.

It explodes.

Right, that is what is happening with the climate. And the people (burn-outs, mental and physical disorders). Climate change needs system change.

Until now, very view people seem to see this connection.

Hopefully soon al scholars (> 1 million each Friday?) will see this connection.

And start working on alternative models to drive our economy.

Another reason to hurry, is that it is expected that the sooner or later the debt based currency system will collaps. Like it did in 2007/2008.

Another reason to want this change is that debt actually makes it impossible for countries to work on their own pace. This is now tearing the EU out of each other. (Italy and Greece for example versus Germany and France). If we would have a debt free economy, we would have probably far less problems and tensions.

And, like John Lennon sings in his ‘Imagine’ song, we should take distance of possession. Imagine no possession. Which can be done via a intelligent guardianship concept over goods and lands. Without possession, we don’t need money to pay for rent or mortgage, in theory.

Imagine a world in which you don’t have to worry about loosing your job. Or that a concurrent grows faster than your company. In which you don’t have to apply ‘marketing techniques’ to fear or press people to make them buy your product. You only work 20 hours a week according to your talent and passion from the communal workflow. And you will be taken care of as well. (I even believe that 20 hours can become 10 hours in future). I think this ‘push-pul-fearl-be-afraid-of-your-job’ economy causes a lot of psycho-emotional, and physical (stress-cancer, et cetera?) issues.

In a conversation with a Malawian engineer, he called this model ‘Balanced Capitalism Communism‘. I like that expression.

And hopefully, like more and more countries are banning new fossil cars to be sold from say 2030, I hope I will experience a first country which bans new issuance of debt as from say 2050, as people realize the devastatitve effect of debt… (giving the economy a small period to change)

Proof of concept
In 2017/2019 a proof of concept has been carried out in Holland based on ‘Time-Mining’. In this project the currency was named Ziny. The essence: one Ziny is created by contributing with one hour work to the community, whereas Money is created via the issuance of debt. Zinnies are no money.

Relation with crypto currencies
A good thing about the crypto currencies ‘mania’ (most crypto currencies seem to be about a new goldrush and speculation): It showed the world a different currency can be modeled. If only one percent of the energy which people have been put in Bitcoin would have been put in social workflow currency, I guess Holland would already thrive on that alternative currency.

Ending the proof of concept hoping to inspire others
Outerly December 2019 I expect to release a ‘Findings & Recommendations report’. Here you can read already the concept version. I hope cities in Holland will start their own pilots. These same goes for countries all over the world. Maybe the most poor countries (and carrying an international debt, but low internal debt ‘penetration’: it will be more easy to make or keep land-areas debt-free, to start production and living upon) are the most likely to start to do pilots.

Time based currencies are not new
The time based currency family is not new: Torrekes (Belgium), and Tempo time credits (UK) are examples. New with the ‘ziny type’ of currency it that a directed workflow system and citizen council is the basis of the ‘time (credit) mine’. This currency is not money.

Southern Africa – Ubuntu
And the social workflow currency seems to be complementary to Ubuntu Contributionism, a concept Michael Tellinger brought into the world (also see Google on ‘Ubuntu village’ if you wish. So, it seems we have the tools at hand to make the turn. I also described the concept to my hosts while I was visiting a project ‘School of New Direction’ in Malawi. More on this you find on this page on my website. Due to the Ubuntu (Umuntu it is named in Malawi) cultural connection most people nearly directly seemed to understand the concept. There are many people in Malawi with a Zulu background.

VPRO Tegenlicht meetup in Holland on currency reform
See this short video for more information (with English subtitles):

And if you want to take a deep dive into why debt the sooner or later will corrupt our ecosystem, and a vision on setting up a semi autonomous base-economy watch this presentation (talking in Dutch, slides in English, presentation Bergkerk Amersfoort, 17 November 2018):

Or watch the Zeitgeist Moving Forward documentary:

Ubuntu contributionism – social currency workflow seems to helpt to give the ‘Resource Based Economy’ – RBE (and Venus Project, see the documentary) practical ways to manifest.

If you want to make a connection, or do a pilot your self, feel free to send an email to: (project leader proof of concept). Note: I used Cyclos for Communities (free) for this.