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Hypothesis: We can consider 4 money system parasites: 1. Debt, 2. interest, 3. intrinsic inflation, and 4. unequal currency creation profits sharing among the participants. These currency parasites cause for not-sustainable economic systems, or even worse: Financial bombs, which can be as disruptive for societies as wars, hurricanes, etc.

We can make sound money though.

Ziny-Currency stands for a debt and speculation free currency. A Proof of Concept (PoC)  project has been started, based on crowdfunding (no dependencies of government or commercial money flows).

The idea is fairly simple: One hour of citizen work aiming on a common need or base facility gives one Ziny (inspired by the mining concept which has become a globally known concept via the crypto-currencies). The participants decide in council fashion on the workflow queue which is known as mine-able work. In such the people themselves act as money creators, not banks.

Watch this 7 minutes video, with English subtitels to get a more profound idea on why something like Ziny Currency is needed, and how it works.

After and during the Proof of Concept period (estimated to be a 5 years period) laboratory results are communicated to the Dutch national political parties and the local political parties of the city of Amersfoort. The Ziny framework gets released as open source. (At Amersfoort the Ziny concept got initiated). Each city, or organisation can create each Ziny-like currency node. Which can exchange also with each other, and other currencies.

This system can help humanity to detach from a debt based economy. And reduce the risk of a new bank crisis, which gets more likely every day: In 2007/2008 banks got rescued by governments. Later governments got rescued by ECB (Europe) like institutes. But… who is going to rescue the ECB? (credits to the Zeitgeist Moving Forward documentary, for this compact and logical reasoning). And… we might make a transition step towards a far more fair world, in which people are less ‘slaves’ of the ones having the money. (modern slavery)

Please send an email to iwanjka@gmail.com, if you do or want to do something like wise for your country or city.

> Link to the Dutch Ziny Proof of Concept project portal