Ziny Council Meeting Minutes – Journal – Amersfoort – Holland

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Minutes of the Amersfoort Node Ziny Council

March 28 – 2018: Council members present Iwanjka Geerdink, Sebastiaan Bronckhorst


  1. One workstream added child care, ‘doing one hour of child care for another child than your biological children gives one Ziny’, available: per 3 months. Reason: We believe in a more organic share-care society. And less commercial -less affinity full- creche like things.

Ziny Council City meetup Amersfoort – January 19 2018

Present: Judith Zwanenburg (Amersfoort), Sebastiaan Bronckhorst (Leusden), Dimitrios (Greece), Iwanjka Geerdink (Amersfoort), Marije Kapinga

Decisions / a-tuned topics:

  1. Via Iwanjka: To allocate 10 mine-able hours in 2018 to the Save the poor foundation (SAPOF), Malawi. Reason: This is a project in which he is cooperating and fundraising already (Mont Ventoux Barefoot Marathon 2016). The goal is to give shelter and hope to orphants in Malawi (1 million orphans due to HIV/AIDS on 12 million inhabitants). He works together with the project coordinator Alice. He will ask her to publish a possible work list for a-tunement, but for this budget they are totally free to dicuss on this in the SAPOF community. The list of work will be published on the project journal as well at www.iwanjka.com/malawi.
  2. Via Iwanjka: 10 hours in 2018 to the Amersfoort Binnenstad Bewoners Network. He will tune up with a representator as well.
  3. Driehoek wijkcentrum (a Amersfoort citizen centre) 3u per quarter (if they want). Lynn will be contact person., Iwanjka will tune up with her, if they can like the idea and have ideas on what people could do.
  4. 3 hours per quarter organize lost and found in Amersfoort. Note Iwanjka: I lost my transportation card, in such I found out that there is already one central lost and found for NL: https://www.verlorenofgevonden.nl/over-verloren-of-gevonden-nl and a good information page at the Amersfoort citizen hall website: https://www.amersfoort.nl/bericht/gevonden-voorwerpen.htm so, actually the only thing that can be contribtuted is to do promotion, share this knowledge.  But…  for the transportation card i called https://www.ov-chipkaart.nl the person told me that if the card is found, they cannot send an email (which is in their database) to the owner. How incredible stupid this seems to me… a nice action for on the Ziny Workqueue to send an email (and non violent chasing) to try to get this arranged?
  5. Sebastiaan: to transitievrijwiligers.nl sociial welfare. Diensten draaien in een cafe bij huis maximaplein. Met vrijwilligerswerk zinys minen.

Question: what is mining? Iwanjka: Maybe ‘earning’ is a more good word: by doing one our from the Ziny-Workqueue, one earns one Ziny. See this link for the actual workqueue. This work queue can also be seen as a ‘Maatschappelijke Workflow’ (Society workflow, which could in the long term provide for a base economy for its contributors (people who work(ed) for it)).

Some ideas on services to people by council attendees:

  1. Judith: I like to make schema’s make a visual overview. To explain dilemma’s. To help children deprogramme – brainwashing.
  2. Gio: geeft vaak gratis adviezen over school werk, er zijn voor mensen. Promotion for different schools to be owner of their own learningproces. Workshops for men, to love themselves.

No decision made on these topics. Iwanjka: It is important that Ziny-mining goes via community work, so, if this work is offered for a group of people (eg in a community center, like Driehoek Leusden) it might qualify to become a Ziny-mine-able activity => Subject for a next Amersfoort Ziny Council.

The council decides that attending this council gains one Ziny per attendant (traveling / time). It is not decided yet whether in general attending Ziny councils earn Ziny’s, this also depends on the feeling it there is ‘scarcity on liquidity’ or not.

Next Council meetup in Amersfoort: No date set yet, but two or three meetings per year feel appropriate at this moment. Iwanjka will organize / host a next event.