Ziny currency workflow

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Ziny currency is a concept based on ‘Time-Mining’. The essence: Money is created via the issuance of debt. Debt needs interest. Interest needs growth of consumption, production and population. And thus needs to be replaced the coming 50(?) years by systems which to not require this, to avoid killing our ecosystem in the future (climate change among others).

In the period 2017 / 2018 a proof of concept project has been done. Outerly December 2019 we expect to release a ‘Findings & Recommendations report’.

The time based currency family is not new: Torrekes (Belgium), and Tempo time credits (UK) are examples. And some LETS systems also take time-work as a base unit. New with the ‘ziny type’ of currency it that a directed workflow system and citizen council is the basis of the ‘time (credit) mine’. This currency is not money.

See this short video for more information (with English subtitles):

And if you want to take a deep dive into why debt the sooner or later will corrupt our ecosystem, and a vision on setting up a semi autonomous base-economy watch this presentation (talking in Dutch, slides in English):

If you want to make a connection, do a pilot your self, feel free to send an email to: iwanjka@gmail.com (project leader proof of concept).